Met Gala 2018: Review

The Met Ball might actually be my favourite time of the year, I spend the entire week before working myself up about the theme and who’s going to be wearing what. So, even though it was a couple of weeks ago, I’m still reeling at how gorgeous everyone looked. The theme this year was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination and everyone literally dressed to the nines for it. I usually only find a couple of looks from a met gala that I enjoy and I find that every year only half the celebrities are matching the theme, but this year was insane. There were only a couple of looks I didn’t enjoy, and they were, coincidently, the only ones that didn’t really go all out for the theme. So, as hard as it was to only pick a small amount, here are my Top 5 looks from this years Met Ball.

5. Ariana Grande & Her Vera Wang ‘Sistine Chapel’ Gown

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(Images from

Ariana rocked her Italian heritage with this gorgeous Sistine chapel Vera Wang number. The layers of chiffon were ornately decorated with the same paintings that are displayed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City in Italy. I love how demure this gown is, it’s soft and light and makes Ariana literally glow. For me she perfectly captured this year’s theme in her look, heavenly.

4. Zendaya & Her Versace chainmail ‘Joan of Arc’ Gown

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(Images from Vogue and E!)

Zendaya’s gorgeous chainmail gown is giving me serious modern Joan of Arc vibes. I honestly don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to pull it off; it’s got Zendaya written all over it. I love how it brings two badass ladies together. With it’s ties to Joan of Arc, how the look is still a dress but with all the strongest parts of a suit of armor, and the fact that it’s Zendaya wearing it, it turns into the physical embodiment of girl power.


 3. Kate Bosworth & Her Oscar de la Renta ‘Dream Angel’ Gown

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(Images from E! and TMZ)

I’ve given this gown the nickname ‘dream angel’ for obvious reasons. This is probably the most dreamy, and angelic gown I have ever seen; it’s absolutely perfect for this theme. The delicate gold beading on a mass of lightweight organza gives off this ‘ethereal’ glow, and the beaded headpiece is channeling some serious ‘virgin Mary’ bridal vibes.


2. Emilia Clarke & Her Dolce & Gabbana Cherub Adorned gown

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(Images from Popsugar)
Ok, honestly, it was hard to try and pick between this one and number 1. I love Emila Clarke so much, she’s always so fashionably on point, and this just confirms that. Emilia really channeled her inner Queen Danaerys in this gown, staring down the cameras like she was ready to just take the Iron Throne. I love how she accessorised with not only a crown, but also pearl encrusted earrings, and purple flower gems in her hair. This look is literally that of royalty.


1. Blake Lively & Her Versace ‘Renaissance Queen’ Gown

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(Images from Time, and E!)

My absolute favourite look of the night. Blake looked STUNNING in Versace, channeling her inner Renaissance queen, which seems fitting seeing as though this lady is an absolute QWEEN. I just loved everything about this gown, there’s nothing I can fault. The colours are perfect, the cut of the gown is perfect, her tiara is perfect, everything just worked. I think my favourite thing about this gown though is how it still somehow looks modern. I love when designers somehow manage to recreate period pieces in a modern way.

Overall, pretty sure Versace was my favourite designer of the night, but each and every designer and stylist went above and beyond for the night I applaud them all for such amazing efforts!

Here’s to wondering and waiting for next years Met Gala theme.


Written by Cree Mitchell.


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