Editorial Series: A Burst of Colour

We collaborate with some truly extraordinary people here at the Foxfeet Collective, and for us, there is nothing more exciting than to be able to inspire and communicate with people through fashion. So we’ve teamed up with some amazing Perth creatives to bring you the Editorial Series; photo shoots organised and styled by our very own fashion team.

As the winter months near, our skies turn grey with rain and our wardrobes turn to black. It can be difficult to remember the brightness of summer and the flowers that once mirrored every colour of the rainbow. Enter “Burst,”  Foxfeet team leader Cree Mitchell’s grad collection, which personifies joy and happiness.

Here are some of our favourite images, shot in Perth’s CBD.

Model: Emily Styles

Model: Sophie Bidesi 

Model: Kirsten Cox 



STYLIST: Kinsey Oliver
MODELS: Sophie Bidesi, Kirsten Cox, Emily Styles
MAKEUP ARTISTS: Isabella Willcocks, Dana Sekar
DESIGNER: @CreeBethanyDesigns

Written by Kinsey Oliver.


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