Interview with a WA Designer – Cree Mitchell

Earlier this year, co-team leader of Foxfeet, Cree Mitchell, participated in the RAW Perth Magnify fashion show at the Rosemount Hotel. Cree showcased her ‘grad’ collection, “Burst,” for the third time. As a fashion student myself, I was curious; how did Cree create a collection to be shown on a runway, all while studying and working? So, I interviewed her:

What was the main inspiration for this collection?

This collection was heavily inspired by people’s emotions, and how they’re conveyed, particularly joy and happiness.


Model: Jasmine Taylor


What do you love so much about working with organza?

I love the way it makes the colours look like they’re moving, and the way the fabric moves, making it seem like the wearer is floating.


Model: Amber Dempsey


How long did the process of creating the collection take from start to finish?

From design and research to full completion, I would say it took about a year and a half. The collection was designed in the second half of my fashion degree.


Model: Yuxian Seow


Who are your favourite designers/stylists and how do they inspire you?

I absolutely adore Viktor & Rolf; they were a big inspiration in the early design process of this collection. My other favourite designers include Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, and Stella McCartney.


Model: Pavarn Gill


Are you planning a new collection?

Yes, I am. It’s still very much in the design process, but it’s like a big mash up of constellations and cosmic entities, and carnival vibes.


Model: Pavarn Gill


What was the hardest part about this process?

The hardest part for me is the pattern making, it’s the most time-consuming part. You have to make sure you get the patterns exactly right, and if they’re not you have to keep changing them until the final outcome is perfect.


Model: Amber Dempsey


What do you hope to be doing in ten years?

I think I’d like to be doing some sort of celebrity styling or own my own styling agency. I love designing and making garments, but I’m most in my element when I’m styling for a runway show or a fashion shoot.


How does your design style differ from your everyday life?

Majorly, I don’t wear a lot of colours in my day-to-day life, and I’ve got more of a modern, edgy style.


Model: Jasmine Taylor


How do you deal with stress when it comes to time management?

I try to organise my time as well as I can. I have a very busy schedule so I’m no stranger to the stresses that come with that. I find that if I write myself daily “to-do” lists, I can really minimise the stress and anxiety and I can sometimes fall victim to.

Model: Yuxian Seow


What’s the best part about seeing your stuff on the runway?

It just makes me really happy, and really proud, because it means I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. I just love being able to see all my word work finally come together.


And there you have it… all you need to know about designing a collection for the runway according to Cree. I hope this answered some questions you may have about the process and be sure to keep an eye out for more from Cree Bethany Designs!


Credits to:
@bmakeupcreations (makeup)
@nicole.bosenburg (hair)
Jason Matz (photography)
Models: Jasmine Taylor, Amber Dempsey, Yuxian Seow, Pavarn Gill


Written by Olivia Hunt.


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