New At Foxfeet: The Prospect Project

Here at Foxfeet, we work with some exciting brands. Most recently, the Prospect Project has joined our store, lighting up our days with wonderful scents such as Birthday Cake and Maui Sunset.

We spoke to Shannon Tindale, the creator of the Prospect Project.


Tell us a little bit about the Prospect Project. What is the business about?

I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life, but knew I hated working for someone else and wanted to do something that gave back to the community. I started the business by selling my granola which had a bit of a cult following around the office and it grew from there! A portion of all sales are donated to the customers choice of not for profit cause, as well as regular donations to worthy causes.


Why did you decide to start making candles?

My best friend and I always used to recycle glass jars and then get together to have candle making days together. I made a custom candle for one of my wholesale granola customers and she loved it so much she asked if she could sell them in her store. it just grew from word of mouth and Instagram and now the business is about 50 % granola, 50% candles – totally weird combo, I know!


Which one is your favourite scent?

It changes all the time! I like to keep things fresh for our customers, so am always scouting new flavours to be able to offer that are unique. At the moment, my fave is Wanderlust – a masculine, dark, sexy fragrance, it’s DIVINE!!


What makes you different from other candle businesses?

we use glass jars (recycled where possible) compared to glass canisters, and have our unique “THIS CANDLE SMELLS LIKE” labels, as well as unique fragrances. Our candles aren’t luxurious or “pretty”, but we try to make products that have a high quality scent throw, make people smile and give back to the community.


Why did you decide to stock with Fox Feet?

I was lucky enough to meet Colosoul founder, Tricia through our donations to the Esther Foundation and instantly connected with what she was doing with Colosoul and all her amazing work with the talented young creatives in Perth. I had contacted Tricia about renting a small space at Colosoul HQ which led me to manager/artist/superwoman Katelyn who helped me get settled and suggested my candles would be a great fit in Fox feet and here we are!



Written by Kinsey Oliver.


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