5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

By now we’re well into our scorching summer, but we still have a little way to go before it starts cooling down, and we all know how hard it is to find things to wear or accessorize with when it’s super hot. So here’s a few little things to help when it’s way too hot and you’ve got no style inspiration.

1. A Simple White Tee


It may not seem like anything overly stylish, but a loose white tee is a classic, and you can literally style it with anything, whether it be a cute skirt or a pair of jeans, you’ll always look stylish in one of these.

New Look Boyfriend Shirt – ASOS ($28)





2. A Killer Swimsuit 



Having a statement swimsuit to hit the beach in is a must in summer. Swimsuits are also something you can get away with wearing anywhere in summer, they’re super easy to just chuck on when it’s too hot, doesn’t matter where you go, if it’s hot enough, no one will even bother questioning it, because chances are they’re doing the same thing.


Malibu One-Piece – THE ICONIC (currently on sale for $39.98)





3. A Pair of Sandals or Slides



Too hot to wear a stylish pair of boots or sneakers? Invest in a pair of strappy sandals or a comfy pair of slides.


FIOLA Wide Fit Tie Leg Flat Sandals – ASOS ($20)







4. A Straw Hat



Straw hats are so back in right now. Staying safe whilst looking fab? Yes please. No matter what you pair one of these with, you’re guaranteed to stay trendy all summer long.


The Spencer Boater – Lack of Colour ($69)








5. A Pair of Chic Denim Shorts


Say what you will, but denim will never go out of style. A pair of denim shorts will be the finishing touch of your summer wardrobe. Maybe have a couple of pairs on hand though, because you’re definitely going to wear them until there’s absolutely no use left in them.

Denim Side Split Short – ASOS ($60)



Hopefully this little guide will help to keep your wardrobe stylish this summer, happy shopping!




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