The perfect hat for that killer outfit!

Hats are my new found favourite accessory for all year round! Hats just jazz up an outfit so much and it looks like you actually tried! I wanted share with you guys some of my favourite hats that you can find online:

This is the Brixton Fiddler Cap from Princess Polly for $60, I feel like this hat is a staple in my closet and goes with almost every single outfit.


Lack of Color Lola Cap, $139 also from Princess Polly

Fempire Future Beret, USD $18 from DollsKill

Flame New Jam Vinyl Cap, USD$15 from DollsKill

Cord Daisy Deconstructed Cap, USD$40 from DollsKill

So there you go! get shopping!

For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.




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