Designer to watch – Don• Swim

Hot weather is fast approaching us, which only means that summer is finally here! Summer consists of lazy days, being carefree and long beach days. However for us ladies it’s the hardest time, especially trying to find the perfect swimwear that we feel comfortable in. Look no further ladies Don• Swim is the must have swimwear for the summer.


Head Designer and Owner of Don• Swim Shannon Donovan was born in England and moved to Australia in 2009.  Shannon always has admired fashion within magazines and in clothing stores but never imagined having a swimwear line when living in chilly England. Since living in the middle of England she only got to see the beach twice a year, when her parents would take them on summer holidays. Ever since then the beach has always been a desirable place for her and never would have imagined living near or designing a range of swimwear here in Western Australia.

Tell me about Don• Swim

Once completing school and university, I realised that working within my industry wasn’t all I wanted to do. I have never studied fashion or design but felt that I could dab into my own sense of style and image to create pieces. The start of Don• Swim was to create elegant, well-fitting one pieces that I struggled to find myself and this was what began the first line. My aim for the swimwear was for women of all shapes to feel comfortable and amazing in my pieces. I do not want to design minimal pieces that are not comfortable and preferred not to be worn by the majority of women.

What made you decide to start Don• Swim?

A year ago I began the designing process and designed the brand logo. I then approached my boyfriend, Rob, who told me to pursue the idea and make it a business, I never thought this would happen as it was such a big step to take, but together, we started creating Don• Swim. Every piece that I have designed is my favourite, the first design I tried on myself was the CARI• piece and this really made me continue to design the swimwear brand.

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

I realised I wanted to design and create my own line when I was working in my industry and felt that something was missing from what I really wanted to do. I started designing to fulfil this gap and slowly formed a line from it. Rob really helped me create Don• Swim into a brand with me and we created our launch and put forward our first line.

Explain this season’s collection & what the inspiration is behind it

Don• Swim’s first season consists of simple, timeless and classic pieces that are suited and cut to compliment any silhouette. Each piece was designed with love and is named after special people in my life.

Christmas came early! treat yourself ladies… Don• Swim is waiting for you!

For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.



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