Top 3 Fashion Sites to Follow if You’re Really into Fashion

Not even gonna lie, Fashion is such a huge industry and there will always be something happening everywhere. Of course, if you’re someone who would want to be up to date and always keeping up with the fashion industry you should know where to look and what to look for. Here are 3 fashion websites that every fashionista should look into every once in a while:

Refinery 29:

Refinery 29 or R29 is one of the best websites that targets the younger market with topics such as blogger ideas and everything that covers fashion, lifestyle, beauty, etc… you know the rest.




Man Repeller:

One of my absolute favorite sites! Not only does blogger Leandra Medine establish her fashion website but she is also one of the wittiest writers there is adding to her innate talent of being fashionable. Man Repeller is a site to go to if you’re looking for something fashionable with a hint of a giggle.





Vogue/Vogue Runway:

Who would dare forget about Vogue in any fashion list there is? Vogue has been a pillar in the fashion industry even before you and I have been interested in fashion. My most favorite part about is the Runway Category — it has it’s own exclusive access to runways all over the world and gives feedback on how the trends are coming along. To be quite honest, who wouldn’t want to visit a site as organised as this one?




There you go fashionistas! Get reading!

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