Editorial Series: The Route 666 Diner

We collaborate with some truly extraordinary people here at the Foxfeet Collective, and for us, there is nothing more exciting than to be able to inspire and communicate with people through fashion. So we’ve teamed up with some amazing Perth creatives to bring you the Editorial Series; photo shoots organised and styled by our very own fashion team.

This shoot was inspired for my love of the 80’s, neon lights, daring fashion and the unknown. You’ll never know what’s lurking in the deepest dark, so welcome to The Route 666 Diner and be prepared to be led by some characters that will make you think twice on Halloween night.

Standing alone along a long, desolate road to hell- The Route 666 diner lights up only on a particular night of the year. If you get your timing right, you’ll catch it, the happenings of the supernatural hub of Halloween on the outskirts of town.


Those well acquainted with the diner know the bones of the building have been standing in the same spot since the early 1920’s – though back then, it was a speakeasy, selling moonshine out of jars whilst the Flappers and Gangsters danced the night away to the sounds of Jazz bands. Apparently, the owner was so fond of it that she never left.

1 HAKIKA BIO (20s)
Hakika wears a fringe dress (designer and price unknown), Topshop shoes ($80), Dolls Kill Head Piece ($20) and a feather boa from a costume store ($5).

There’s no surprises that the coven meets here before their Halloween gathering, to tell stories and hex their enemies before dancing in the moonlight. This witch in particular has something extravagant planned – don’t make the mistake of looking into her cauldron.

Stella wears a Kill Star Blair Bitch mini skirt ($75), Dolls Kill Luna Heavenly Body Costume ($48), Lovisa jewellery, Betts Sultry Boot ($99).

Halloween? Prom night? A new vampire? It was always going to be a recipe for disaster. On her escape from her interesting homecoming, it only makes sense that she was drawn here for a stiff drink, miles from the piles of corpses she’d left lying in her school gymnasium.

Emily M wears a black tulle dress (designer and price unknown) paired with a red sash, and Lovisa jewellery… oh and you can’t forget the blood.

Most are unsure as to whether this doll was ever even wanted, most even wonder how she made it to the diner – the supernatural have about as much idea as any mortal as to how the possessed wooden frame works, but tonight isn’t the night they’re about to find out. Her laugh is only ever heard whilst your head is turned, and in that moment, you better believe she’ll jump 3 meters closer. Don’t close your eyes, or she’ll get you.

Dressed like your worst nightmare, Maddie’s hand-me-downs are subject to the target kid section, a great place to find all the frill without the price. Adidas superstar shoes ($120), various Lovisa jewellery (turn your choker into a headband for some DIY work), gloves from Dolls Kill ($5).

Little is known about the intergalactic travellers – they come to the diner, but one must wonder whether it is to observe, or enjoy. You can be certain of one thing, however – the area around the diner will be left covered in crop circles. Space travellers aren’t one to leave without making their mark.

Mckenzie is the biggest intergalactic babe in white low top converses ($80), The Gypsy Shrine SHR X UNICORN CROWN ($20) and Club Exx Bubble Pop Iridescent Hoodie ($70) and Club Exx Sage Princess two piece ($60).

Glowing in the corner, the ghost of a Goddess watches over the creatures of the night. Though most don’t get too close as she shines too brightly, she doesn’t mind – to her, it keeps the peasants at arm’s length.

Emily S wears a gold metal top (designer and price unknown), Lovisa jewellery, Adidas superstars ($120) and a custom-made skirt.

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Creative Director and Stylist: Charlotte Watson
MUA: Dana Sekar
Photographers: Lepak Media, (Laura Sykes, Tabarak Salman, Hamish Goddard-Jones, Dean Perrin.)
Models: La Mods Modelling Agency (Stella Leopardi, Emily McDonagh, Maddie Watson, Emily Styles, Hakika Lateef and Mckenzie Robins.)
Venue: Jack Rabbit Slims.

For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at foxfeet@colosoul.com.au or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.


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