Stripes and Fashion

Stripes are classic prints that are always in season, however this season especially, horizontal, asymmetric and vertical stripes are leading the way as a major trend in fashion. If you want to get a head start on all the different stripes for this season and throughout the summertime, keep reading.

Stripes are always one of the most wearable trends.  You probably already have at least one striped piece in your closet, but if not, then invest in some timeless striped dresses, skirts, jumper, or a pair of pants. Use primary colours such as red and blue or try combinations of black and white stripes, or blue and white stripes. Even though these combinations of stripes are the most common in fashion, this summer, there are many other new stripe patterns which are eye-catching, bold and an explosion of colour.

Stripes are very flattering prints. They have the power to make a surface highly distinguishable, and they can be styled up by pairing them with metallic hues and stiletto heels, or dressed down to casual with denim jeans and sneakers.  When it comes to styling stripes, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, stripes are always fresh, modern and create that relaxed nautical look. They can also create many flattering patterns on every body type; for example, vertical stripes are amazing because they elongate the body while horizontal stripes can add curves to the body.

Stripes are one of those prints that everyone can wear; all you have to do is experiment with different stripes and find the ones that make you feel the most comfortable, and style it up however you want. For those who want to be noticed, you can emphasise your personality with bold, colourful stripes and add different textures like silk and linen, to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. If you’re not the bold type, stripes can also be used to dress down your outfit by choosing to wear primary colours such as blue or red stripes that have a nautical feel. Stripes are sure to add classic style to any outfit.

Horizontal Stripes

Vertical Stripes

Asymmetric Stripes

Every Which Way


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