Designer Profile: RAW WAR

WA Born was an incredible night where Perth labels were celebrated and showcased. One such label is RAW WAR, an up and coming street wear brand that encompasses oversized, androgynous styles. At the helm of this edgy label in Antoinette Raphael, who we got to chat with about what’s to come for RAW WAR.

Tell me about RAW WAR.

My brand RAW WAR is an edgy, streetwear brand based around the style of myself as an individual. I can describe my style as quite quirky, edgy, rough, androgynous, and individual in its expression of my unique identity. The name originates from my initials ‘AWR’, which rearranges to spell ‘RAW’ and ‘WAR.’ As the brand is a direct representation of my name, my identity, aesthetics, and morals of myself are conveyed in my designs.

What is the name of this season’s collection and what is the inspiration behind it?

The name of this season’s collection is called RAW WAR POP. This collection is inspired by society itself and the concept of POP culture/ POP art of the 1960s. Contemporary fashion and art, in addition to the boldness of the pop art movement, is something bright and enjoyable to myself. Therefore I wanted to visually express it in my designs. In relation to animal instincts, the emotions of this collection, as inspired by POP art, show the growth and spurt of the action of the Butterfly Effect. As these designs are also a development of my own design journey during education, it, therefore, shows my own Butterfly Effect into the brand I am today.

What are your top styling tips?

Pair your outfit with a fresh pair of sneakers, Fenty’s, Adidas, Vans, or Nike Airs. However, the most important styling tip is to wear anything with CONFIDENCE.

What trends should be avoided?

Trends that I feel should be avoided is extreme hype trends that everyone else is wearing. Attempt to wear things that are not basic.

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

I was in year 6 when I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I was always interested in the art of styling and clothing. Ever since I was younger, my mum would always dress me in head-to-toe perfect outfits. I adopted this behaviour into my life and have never changed this. It wasn’t until I started to sew in high school that I loved the idea of creating pieces from scratch that are different and unique. This led me to the dream of designing fashion, which I pursued in my decision to study Fashion Design at University.

How did you go about starting RAW WAR?

I have always been keen to get my name out into the industry, however never wanted it to be forced or too direct. I replaced this action with networking with individuals in fashion, which then would eventually lead me into avenues for success. Having met several people from the industry, I found it easier to launch it to the public with professional support.

What are you’re feeling towards fashion and its effects on wilderness preservation, and the reduction of humanity’s footprint on the environment?

I think it is great that fashion and the industry itself is taking part in helping to mend the environmental problems from human behaviour. It may not be 100% fashion’s fault what is happening, however, it is great to hold responsibility and come together as one for a good cause.

Why do you think a show like WA Born is important?

I think a show like WA Born is important because it showcases a large range of local talent in all stages of becoming and being a brand. A lot of people look to over east and international locations for emerging fashion, however, it is great to appreciate the talent we have locally in WA.

What was the biggest thing you’ve learned since starting RAW WAR?

The biggest thing I’ve learned since starting RAW WAR is that there are a large variety of individuals in the fashion industry. There is not just ‘one’ persona in this particular industry, which can be both a positive and negative notion. A unique environment is created which is a positive, however the negative is that it can be difficult to design and cater for all these personas.

Who or what is your fashion muse/inspiration?

My fashion inspiration can be narrowed down to Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. The attitude and achievements of both individuals are very inspirational to my ambitions in the industry, specifically the streetwear subculture.

What advice would you give aspiring designers?

Never lose who you are. Never change who you are to impress public consumers.

What is your motto or what motivates you?

“Just be yourself: because an original is worth more than a copy”

What goals do you have for RAW WAR in the next 12 months?

My goal for RAW WAR in the next 12 months is to continue to produce and create dope fashion for the public. Not only do I want to produce and sell plain objects, but also I wish to produce more expressive and extravagant designs for the individualistic people.

Where are you currently stocked?

RAW WAR is currently stocked at Foxfeet Collective in Subiaco and Cabinet Noir.

What are you currently binge watching/listening to?

Culture – Migos.

What’s the most embarrassing thing on your playlist?

Jason Derulo (low-key fire though).

And finally, what’s your current guilty pleasure?

The Life of Pablo on repeat.


For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.


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