Editorial Series: Annie Vibez

We collaborate with some truly extraordinary people here at the Foxfeet Collective, and for us, there is nothing more exciting than to be able to inspire and communicate with people through fashion. So we’ve teamed up with some amazing Perth creatives to bring you the Editorial Series; photo shoots organised and styled by our very own fashion team.

With luxury streetwear making a rise in the fashion scene, Perth designer and streetwear enthusiast Antoinette (Annie) Raphael is the epitome of the uber-cool, logo-focussed, and trendy street vibe. With her wardrobe aesthetic mostly focusing on bold prints, oversized silhouettes, and highly sought-after sneakers, Annie inspired me to conduct a fun and stylish shoot based on her clothes.



I wanted my shoot to revolve entirely around Annie and convey her character to the audience which meant portraying her confidence, independence, and her personal style. Using her wardrobe was the strongest signifier to communicate this and it was almost too easy to sort through her closet to find pieces to make up the four outfits.


Choosing to be on location amongst the vivid street art of Subiaco as well as Leederville, emphasised the striking theme of the photoshoot and the wardrobe, even managing to find a Frida Kahlo wall, who is an artist that commonly influences Annie’s fashion style and work. Other influences of her work include the Pop Art movement of the 50s, as well as street designers such as Kanye West, and brands like Puma.


The outfits that were chosen involved luxury street brand names such as I AM GIA, Vetements, Adidas, Versace, and Off White. These well-known brands paired with big name sneakers from Nike, Vans, and Yeezy, it is clear in this shoot that “Annie Vibez” is a real thing.

She isn’t afraid to show off the labels, pair bold prints with other bold prints, and strut around the streets of Perth wearing full tribal make-up on. I present to you: Antoinette Raphael.



Creative Director and Stylist: Megan Ng
Model: Antoinette Raphael
Make up: Emily Hicks
Photographer: Amy Meacham (Lepak Media)
Assistant: Maria Veraldo Rojas


For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at foxfeet@colosoul.com.au or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.


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