Festival Fashion

As the weather gets warmer, there’s one very important thing that springs to everyone’s mind –Festival Season. It is fast approaching, and if the amazing line-ups being served up to us prove anything, it’s that we’ll certainly be attending them all. But with great line-ups, also comes great responsibility – to ourselves, that is – to be the best-dressed that we can be for any occasion. So to assist you with choosing what to wear at events from Listen Out to Origin New Years Eve to Laneway – and to give a little inspiration – we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest, festival looks right now.

Glimmer in Glitter

While this has been trending for a while, it’s only really coming into its own now, and so we find out one thing – you can never have too much glitter. From glitter braids to glitter eyes, or pairing sequined halter-necks with bedazzled shorts, there are no rules when it comes to clashing these statement pieces to create an out-of-this-world, galactic-babe look. If you’re not so daring however, slight touches will make the world of difference to an otherwise ordinary look – try body glitter, glitter braids or an abundance of face gems, to give your outfit the sparkle it deserves.

Fierce and Flossy

If someone ever told you that it was possible to have too much bling, they were sorely mistaken. The bones of this trend are simple – keep it classy, a little bit fancy – but overload on the gold and silver. Earrings, necklaces, body chains – layer up as many as you feel the need to. Pair your jewelry pieces with a statement jacket, some knee high boots and a cute bralette, and you have yourself a show stopper of an outfit!

Babin’ in Boho

The bohemian look has been a staple in festival crowds for a good reason – it’s super fashionable, and never seems to go out of style. It’s also comfortable, cute, and you can really put your own spin on whatever you choose to pair together – floral maxi dresses, flared pants and shirts with all the ruffles, are where you’ll be looking. Think 70’s, think hippie-chic or trawl the web for Woodstock photos to find your inspiration!

Aim for Androgynous

If there was ever a time to try the androgynous trend, it’s now. This look has been picking up recently – light blazers, straight cut pants and button ups are everywhere and are super easy for you to mould to your own style. Models and celebrities alike are giving this one a good go, and the best part is, is that you can find androgynous items in super, summer-appropriate colour palettes. Pastel pink, anyone?! Keep it super minimal on the accessories, and the outfit will do the work for you.

Cool and Casual

Over-the-top outfits at festivals just aren’t for some people – that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style, though! In fact, the casual look really doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves, but it is being rocked right now by some of the hottest celebrities out there. The best way at the moment, to be on-trend with super minimal effort, is through thrifting – vintage stores are a goldmine for comfort and cool, all in the one hit. An old vintage or vintage-look tee tucked into some classic denim shorts, paired with your day-to-day Converse or Doc Martens, is as good an outfit as any – a cute cap will help finish off the outfit and protect you from the sun’s rays whilst you’re grooving to your favourite music – bonus!


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