Five of the Best Boutiques in Perth

Forget Sydney or Melbourne, Australia’s fashion capital is Perth. Irrespective of the notorious label attached to the capital of the West, that it is the world’s most isolated city, Perth is home to an immense subculture of art, fashion and design, unbeknownst to most. In many ways, that’s what makes this developing city so fascinating – it boasts a vibrant creative heart, yet beckons you to search for it. For anyone yet to discover some of these gems, we’ve compiled a list of the top five hottest boutiques in our city that put Perth fashionistas ahead of the style pack!

Cabinet Noir

When a store is listed as one of the stockists for Kanye West’s highly coveted ‘Yeezy’ sneakers, automatically, you would have very high expectations, right? Fortunately, Cabinet Noir exceeds beyond all expectations, upholding a reputation for being one of Perth’s most prestigious clothing boutiques. The team at Cabinet Noir stock a wide range of high street fashion and accessories, however, everyone in Perth knows that their specialty is sneakers. Boasting some of the most elite brands in footwear, such as Adidas, Nike, Asics and Reebok, this store is the place to visit if you want to keep up the heat on your sneaker game!

Lessons Concept Store

Another stockist of the Yeezy sneakers (obviously Kanye doesn’t think Perth is all that isolated), is Lessons Concept Store, and as well as the Yeezy line, they feature a range of great labels to satisfy any sartorial demands. Originally emerging as a store located in a hidden, underground basement in Fremantle, the store has grown to become a prominent enterprise in Perth’s fashion industry, prompting them to move their boutique to its current location on the elite Wellington Street. For individuals who are obsessed with labels, some of the world’s most respected names in fashion are stocked in their boutique, such as Rick Owens, KMT and Ann Demeulemeester.

Image 2

S2 Perth

Although only stocking female apparel and accessories, S2 can well be regarded as the store for the women who dare to be confident and stylish in their looks. Located in North Perth, their avant-garde store can be characterised as understated and art driven. Perth is home to an excessive amount of creative talents, especially in the fashion industry, which is something that S2 prides itself upon. Locally born icons such as One Fell Swoop, Alistair Trung, Isabel Benenato and ESS.Laboratory are just some of the high profile designers, whose products can be found in store at S2.

Image 3

CBF Clothing

CBF Clothing earns our respect as one of the top five clothing boutiques in Perth, largely due to the fact that they sell premium streetwear fashion at prices too good to be true. CBF Clothing features a store nestled inside Perth’s Plaza Arcade. Inside, you’ll find contemporary streetwear pieces, perfect for anyone who’s unafraid to be bold and expressive in their style.

Image 4


Our final pick for the top five boutiques in Perth goes to Dilettante. Although they are no longer based in the Perth CBD, they have recently moved their store to upmarket Claremont. Dilettante is the store that bridges Perth with the world’s biggest names in fashion, and inside, you’ll find a satisfying array of high street labels, such as ACNE, Rick Owens, Issey Miyake – just to name a few! Customers looking for premium fashion that is characteristic, and detail orientated in its design, need look no further than Dilettante!

Image 5

We hope you enjoyed our top five picks, and highly recommend a visit next time you’re seeking some new threads! If you have any other stores that you think are worth checking out, we’d love to hear from you!

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