Finding Your Personal Style

I’ve been pondering on the question: what is my style defined as? And I haven’t been able to come up with a single word, but then again I don’t think anyone should use only one word to describe their style, as it varies from day to day. However, I do think it’s important to find your own personal style, so I’ve come up with a few tips on how to find your personal style.

As I said before, don’t feel like you have to box yourself into only one label. I have different moods every day. One day I will dress very boho and the next day I dress like homeless chic (what I like to call very baggy and old clothes). So don’t ever feel like you have to have one set style. You also need to let go; don’t be afraid of what people will think of you because if you have confidence you will look good in anything. Many of my friends always say that they ‘can’t pull something off’ and I always say, “If you fake that you’re confident in it, you can pull it off”. To be honest, no one really cares about what you wear anyway so there is no need to be scared of other people’s opinions because people will look at you and think about your outfit for 0.05 seconds so their opinion doesn’t really matter.


If you’re someone who is very shy and are scared of trying new things, take baby steps. Find a cool accessory to dress up an outfit if you’re afraid to go all out. As you get more comfortable go adding in bigger things in your outfits.

One thing I must add is, don’t be afraid to be inspired by people; if you see a celebrity wear something, don’t be afraid to wear it as well because you’re afraid of looking like a “copy-cat” because nowadays everyone copies each other and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can even add your own personal twist. Also, you need to find people who inspire you and who you look up to. Some of my personal favourites are Sydney Carlson, Amanda Steele and Karen Yeung.

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