Festival Fashion Must-Haves

As festival season is fast approaching with Listen Out Perth being the big opener on the 24th of September, I thought it would be good for me to tell you my festival must-haves as I have been a regular festival goer throughout the last festival season.

Now boots are my #1 must haves as it makes your life so much easier at festivals because it lets you be free from pain. I have worn my Doc Martens every festival I have been to but I also recommend the Lash Boot from Roc which is incredibly comfortable and easy to wear despite their height. However, for a festival like Splendour in the Grass, I would recommend gum boots because of the mud and you don’t want to ruin shoes that are worth $200.

These are my beaten up Doc Marten Boots, you can get them from General Pants, Platypus Shoes or Universal Store and also online, they retail for around $180-$200 depending if there is a sale on.
Boots 1
These are the Roc Boots in the style Lash worn by my best friend Georgia Quigg, these retail for $229 and can be bought online on the Roc Boots site or on Princess Polly.

Boots 2

I also feel like a good quality backpack is an absolute essential because I have seen many girls wear cross body little bags and sometimes during the day the strap has broken off and they have to tie it back together. A backpack also gives you the freedom to dance and move your arms which is highly needed at a festival.

The bag that I chose for last festival season was very plain and went with every outfit it was from ASOS for around $42.

Bag 1

The bag Georgia wore was very boho with the tassels and she bought it from Princess Polly for around $35-$40.

Bag 2

Sunglasses are a must for day festivals, not only does it protect your eyes and makes it easier to see but it also takes your outfit to a whole other level.

These I bought from Princess Polly for $35 and you can still get them on the site!!

Sunglasses 1

I bought these Kurt Cobain sunglasses from General Pants, they are the style ‘Hepburn’ by the brand Shevoke and are great quality and definitely worth the $59.

Sunglasses 2

When I think of glitter I think of festival season; glitter hair, glitter highlight, glitter eyes and body glitter are all up my alley. During festival season, my best friend and I bought glitter from The Reject Shop and stuck it on with eyelash glue which isn’t really safe.

I recommend cosmetic grade glitter and actual glitter glue which Too Faced sells, however, if you want to be a risk taker and live life on the edge go ahead and buy craft glitter just be very careful with it around your eyes.

Fishnets have definitely made their comeback, I remember wearing them when I was 5 years old at dance concerts but now they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe and especially my festival wardrobe.

Fishnets 1

Fishnets compliment almost any outfit and in any colour, we got ours from Princess Polly and Missguided.

Body Jewellery
Body jewellery is always an amazing way to make your outfit 100x better. I love body chains worn underneath and on top of clothing, layering also makes your look amazing however I am still yet to try it.

Chains and belts are super in. The chain underneath the t-shirt is from Minc Collections. I highly recommend Minc Collections as they have amazing body jewellery and are great for the festival season.

Body Jewellery 4

Chain bras and belts are my all-time favourite accessory for the festival season. This chain bra is from Pretty Little Thing and the chain belt is from Princess Polly they both cost around $20. I just advise not fastening chain accessories too tight as I’ve had many clasps break because it was too tight and I moved suddenly and it snapped.

Body Jewellery 3


Body chains are amazing and took this outfit to the ultimate festival level. The chain is from Grace Bijoux and was $90.

Body Jewellery 5

I believe flares are so flattering on the body and are very festival like. Somehow I always end up leaning towards flared pants when planning my outfits.


These tie-dye flares were bought from Dollskill for $105, it was so hot on the day I wore these but they were so worth it.

Flares 1

Georgia wore this amazing velvet jumpsuit to Groovin’ The Moo from Rat and Boa which were $190. I wore navy lace flares from Arnhem Clothing which were $139.

Flares 2

Hats are great practical little things, they protect you from the sun and make your outfit look really put together. Baker boy/train driver/sailor hats, whatever you wish to call them, were really in and still are. At every festival, I saw around 1 million girls and boys wearing them, not that it’s bad but on the contrary, it’s amazing. I absolutely love this trend and quite frankly I don’t want it to stop. There are also a million different style and colours of baker boy hats so they suit anyone.

This hat is by the brand Brixton and was $60.

Hat 1

This hat with the brown leather detailing and boat patch is from Fallen Broken Street and worth $90.

Hat 2
Wide brim hats are also amazing for festivals. However, I made the mistake of buying one and only wearing it for pictures because if I wore during the festival it would have annoyed me so much. Oh well, I still got amazing pictures with it on.

This hat is also from Fallen Broken Street and cost me $139.

Hat 3

Best Festival Stores and Labels
Princess Polly and Beginning Boutique are incredibly affordable for festival clothing, they have fast shipping because they are Australian based and they also allow you to pay with Afterpay which isn’t a huge break to the bank. Dollskill is by far my favourite, their aesthetic is more badass and out there than the usual bohemian festival look. With Dollskill I suggest buying in advance as they ship from the USA and can take quite a while if you do not get express shipping. Missguided is a UK based store who also has slow shipping without express but have amazing stuff that covers all the festival styles, Missguided is also incredibly affordable and you can find cheaper alternatives to more expensive items there for the fraction of the price. Remi Lane is an amazing Perth designer that creates amazing bohemian western inspired festival clothing, you can find her stuff at our amazing Foxfeet Collective Store at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco.

I hope you all have an amazing festival season!

For more information on the Foxfeet Collective or opportunities to collaborate contact us at foxfeet@colosoul.com.au or come in and visit us at 241 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.








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