Blogger Profile: Long Live The Quinn

Perth is an amazing city, and so are it’s creatives! To celebrate that, we are interviewing local designers, bloggers and stylists to get a look into how they started and their thoughts on today’s trends.

Today we are chatting to Quinn Agpaoa of Long Live The Quinn.

What is Long Live The Quinn about?

Long Live the Quinn was born out of my frustration to create something classic that I would be proud of. The name itself, to me, is already timeless so the mission is to constantly produce content that would go with the meaning of the name.

One item/product can’t you live without?

My digital camera. iPhones are great but I still love the quality of a good camera.

What inspires you the most?

Currently: VETEMENTS and Patent Boots

What made you interested in fashion and how has that shaped Long Live The Quinn?

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always been interested in fashion. As a child, I was interested in a lot of things but as I grew up, Fashion became the constant thing that I would always think about and would make me excited, teen magazines and the editorials there would really inspire me a lot. And I think that that excitement is what moulded my blog like just even posting a new look on Instagram makes my heart beat fast, feeling as if I made my own editorial shoot.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion stylists and bloggers?

Being popular isn’t everything. There’s more to being humble and living your life while doing the one thing you love. Fame changes people so always make sure to check yourself and don’t forget where you came from.

What’s your motto?

My motto is to never stop moving. Everyone is motivated at first but if you get stuck in a rut and stay static, your hard work would eventually fade, and I know that because I’ve learned that the hard way.

What are you currently binge watching/listening to?

BRB Binge watching Brooklyn 99 and FRIENDS and listening to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

What goals do you have for the next five years?

The future scares me A LOT but so far my goals in mind, for now, would probably be to be able to work in the industry that I love, be able to take care of 2 gorgeous dachshunds of my own, stay happy, grow, and be stronger than I am now.


 What’s the most embarrassing thing on your playlist?

My penchant for the song My Boo by the GhostTown DJs 🙈


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Written by Alexsia Sargent

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