DIY Denim Choker

What do we love more than a 90s comeback?…

When it so happens to be a combination of two of our all-time favourite 90s trends!

Two words:

Chokers & Denim

And we owe a pretty big thanks to our go-to style queen Kimmy K, who recently rocked a self-made choker to a beauty launch- storming a return of the iconic style-trend; combining 90s choker-grunge with relaxed double-denim vibes.

And what’s more? You can make it yourself just using an old pair of out-grown jeans, or any old denim pieces you have lying around the house (all you need is a small strand of denim fabric) and you’ll be on your way!

Here’s our easy step-by-step guide:


  • A medium weight/thickness denim fabric
  • Safety pins
  • (Optional) 1-meter string of your choice, grommets, beads, etc… for customization


  • A pair of scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or vanishing pen
  1. Prepare your denim fabric. It could be from your old jeans or cut out from your shortened denim garment. Cut a little slit perpendicular from the edge.1.0.JPG
  1. Rip the fabric. Grab each end of the slit and try to pull apart as hard as you can. Continue ripping until it is long enough. 2This gives you frayed edges.2.2.JPG
  1. Measure the thickness. Decide how thick you want your choker. Add 1 centimetre on both edge for fraying. I decided mine will be 2 centimetres so I’m going to have a total of 4 centimetres. Measure then cut another slit and rip all the way. It should be parallel along the length of the first ripped edge.3.13.3

If you are worried that ripping your fabric would not give you even width, just trust your fabric. If you use medium to heavy weight denim, usually for; jeans, skirts or jacket, then it will follow the along the grain of the fabric’s weave.

  1. Measure your neck for the length. Grab your tape measure and measure around your neck. This will be the length of your choker. Add at least 2-centimeter allowance on both ends. My measurement will be 35cm as I measured my neck 31cm around.

Cut your strip to the length. If you don’t have tape measure, you can fit the choker straight away to your neck but make sure to put enough allowance so you can close it or for adjustments. It is always easier to shorten it.4.JPG

  1. Add more frays on both edges. From the ripping, you have started distressing the edges of your choker. To add more frays, use tweezers to pick up a thread then pull it carefully on the first bit. This will take time. Another option is if you do not want much fray then you can skip this step.5
  1. Use safety pins to fasten. And the last step is locking your choker. Use safety pins for locking but always be careful when closing it. You can wear it anyway you want. The wrong side facing up or showing the safety pin in front.6.1.JPG

Adding strings or ribbon is optional. You could also try sticking some bling-blings, grommets, old necklace, beads, iron-on patches, etc… there are no limits. Here is mine6.2


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